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Spiritual Emergency Training (SET) the Soul Activation Process from Lynn's channeled; Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook

SET can be taught and used to create new love and light Soul Healing jobs that will transform our social services, at risk youth programs and health care systems, and unite all races and religions via each Soul Activation Process. 

1. Anger (revenge) Management

2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

3. Domestic Violence

4. Addiction Rehab Centers and Jails

5. Relationship Counseling

6. Alternative Healing Centers and New Age Centers

7. Hospice

9. Stress and anxiety Clinics

10.Clinics for Depression

11.All schools (including Native American Reservations)

12.All spiritual Centers


1. Anger (Revenge) Management

All feelings of anger come from experiences grounded in fear, such as frustration, sadness, loss, or hurt. Native Americans say that you need to walk in someone else's shoes before we judge them. Everyone needs love and support to have happy, healthy lives. Suggest to the person in anger, take time out and ask your inner guidance for insight regarding how to lose your anger. Ask what you need to do to change these feelings and thoughts to create new actions from within. Help each other learn and use Spiritual Emergency Training instead of taking drugs, smoking, drinking, or other forms of self-abuse. Forgiveness will be much easier when we can help each person go into their "Sacred Space" and receive Divine Guidance.

The adverse effects of anger to our Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and metaphysical health are well documented. Suffice it to say we would do ourselves well to learn to eliminate anger from our lives.

Taking time out to go within for new visions when we are angry will help everyone.


2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Those of us who have or will experience severe trauma, this includes those who are only witnesses to others receiving severe trauma are often labeled "mentally ill". Our current Health Care System's approach to these people who seek help is one which does not encourage healing. It does not connote recovery from the past. It does not help them change their attitudes or behaviors; in fact, it keeps them stuck in the past and wanting to self-medicate. Most of these "Patients" have developed drug or alcohol dependencies, sometimes both, which affect everyone in their families and communities.

Many of them who experienced Armed Combat are filled with anger. I believe their anger comes from

frustration, while in combat and realizing all the "enemies" were just like them, frighten young women and men who also had families with similar issues and problems as they. They also realized that the biggest bully does not really win, that all violent, hurtful actions create more anger and desire for revenge.

Dr. Wayne Dyer states, "There is a spiritual answer to every human problem". All the answers for creating a healthy life are within. The Soul Activation Process will help PTSD sufferers get the answers to heal their lives.

Incest and rape survivor's issues. These survivors have a form of PTSD. Many bury their feelings. But feelings buried alive never die, they create emotional and physical illnesses. The Soul Activation process will help them learn how to release the shame and guilt and anger and move on with new attitudes and behaviors. They will learn the necessities of why and how to forgive themselves and find their Divine Spirit/Soul Purpose, which is incarnate in all of us. They will regain self-love, which will help them to create a new life based on Divine Wisdom from within.

Fear and low self-esteem create problems for PTSD sufferers. But true recovery is possible

when we use the love and light energy of our Divine Soul Matrix. We are all children of God and can attain healing, forgiveness, and new purpose by going into the Radiant Light of God.

My healing and recovery CDs are in self-help libraries at domestic violence centers in Bend, Oregon, and White Salmon, Washington. People use them at home to overcome habitual thoughts, feelings, or behaviors related to PTSD, depressions, anxiety, low esteem, chronic pain, or addictions.


3. Domestic Violence

My first experience using my Soul Activation Process to help a victim of domestic violence came about due to my mistake in planning. I arrived a week early for a Baha'i meeting one evening after having traveled forty miles out of my way. I was shocked when I was asked, "Why are you here, Lynn?" After a brief exchange, we all laughed until we heard crying mixed with screaming outside a door. Jill ran into the room, her face bruised and swollen. The fight with her husband had been their worst. Jill spoke "Our fighting just keeps getting worse, not better, no matter what I do. This time I felt he was going to kill me. I had to go somewhere."

Someone said, "I better get her to the emergency room." Jill sobbed, "No, it‘s too faraway and I have no insurance." I asked if I could help her. In the 1970s I had been a registered nurse in remote areas of eastern Oregon and Canada. She agreed to let me use my spiritual healing techniques even though she was shaking and still crying. I put Jill into a comfortable, safe position and instructed her in deep breathing. I watched and felt as she let go and started to relax. After a short while (I knew this process was faster than drugs), she was relaxed and ready to loosen her body's tension as she quieted her upset ego mind. She then went into the light quickly. Immediately her deceased daughter came forward. As they talked, Jill cried. Then more tears started flowing when her deceased mother also came forward to help her. I just sat there holding the light space as if I were "laying on hands". I did not know Jill, nor did I know that both her daughter and mother were deceased.

My guides then told me to ask Jill's guardian angel to come forward so she could ask for help regarding her husband. She was told exactly what to say, what to do, and when and where to approach him without going into fear because he had used her fear against her. Her mother and daughter agreed to be with her when she confronted him. Both mother and daughter agreed with the angel's advice. Jill asked if she would ever have hope or love again. She felt so betrayed, hurt, full of fear and anger. Her husband had been her best friend; now he acted as if to kill her. The angel took her forward two years. Jill saw that she would be happy and peaceful with another man who would be kind and gentle with her and her son.

The Soul Activation Process is beyond tranquilizers, antidepressants, or sleeping pills. Jill had just experienced one of the most horrific ordeals we can experience; yet, here she was calmer than most people I have met. Understanding through Spiritual Wisdom was so fast! No drugs have the ability to help people like Spiritual Guidance has. I was totally amazed. My guide said, "See, there are no mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. You did come on the right day after all."


4. Addiction Rehab Centers and Jails

Why are there so many addicts? What are we in fear of? Why are we over medicating ourselves? Why are our kids using so many drugs and so much alcohol? Why are we building jails faster than we are building schools? What has happened that we are so far from our inner loving guidance? Why have we spent so much time, focus, and money on drug and alcohol consumption? Why have we become so violent?

As we grow up we are taught that life is serious, that we must be in fear and always work hard to get ahead or be poor and live in poverty. My early socialization included immersion in the edges of the drug and alcohol cultures in my high school and college. One of the ways I learned to socialize was to take part in Happy Hour and Smoke-Ins. When I decided I was too serious or fearful or depressed, I took a pill, a drink, or smoked dope to feel better. I felt I would not be accepted unless I drank or used drugs. I did not feel I was ever "okay" just the way I was. Addictions come from fear and a lack of self-love. I had no idea that as long as I was using drugs and alcohol I remained disconnected from my truly glorious, vibrant self. I was lost and lonely but making lots of money, and I lost my soul and family through misguided actions. I gave my power away and did not even know it.

I wanted to make changes in my abusive relationships, but drugs and alcohol just added more shame, guilt, doubt, and lack of self- love to my problems, keeping me un-integrated and not able to use my true inner guidance. I went to AA meetings but could not bear the label of chronic sickness applied to me. My ex-husband would find ways to use my despair against me. He would tell our children that I could never really be trusted or loved because I had an illness. My sadness and frustrations increased and seeking relief, I used more drugs and alcohol.

I now know that judgmental pronouncements and labels given to people suffering with drug and alcohol addictions are just forms of verbal abuse. This abuse will never help them heal. They need Love and Inspiration and must learn they can totally recover.

After I recovered from my personal addictions, my guides suggested I share my Spiritual Healing Techniques with all addiction rehab centers around the world, so people know they do not have to carry the label of addict. When they receive individual healing counsel directly from God's' guidance within, moderation and healing come naturally. They will receive and understand new visions, knowledge and guidance while in their sacred space.

Almost 90% of the inmates in jails are there due to drug or alcohol abuse related problems. This process would prove to be invaluable if offered to inmates before they return to society.


5. Relationship Counseling

This handbook and its New Age Transformational techniques are applicable for use by counselors helping

individuals, couples, or families. Please realize all answers lie within us, not outside ourselves or in the ego mind. Our Spirit/Soul Matrix has healthy answers and will provide us the wisdom we need to overcome old habits, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings that create illnesses, mental rigidity, anger, and loss of joy. Many of us are disconnected from our Divine Inner selves. There is a spiritual answer to every problem. The Soul is omniscient with omnipresent inner guides waiting to help. You can heal your relationships and your life. You can spend the rest of your life feeling more alive. My spiritual healing process will help bring others to you whom you enjoy, which will have a snowball effect that creates a wonderful life you are excited about and proud to be a part of. We must help one another learn how to tap into the eternal divine wisdom of the Soul sourced from the realms of love and light.

The strain placed on many of us who seek to balance the requirements of maintaining self-sufficiency (a job, a residence, a car etc.) vs. self -awareness (meditation, Vision Quest, Personal Growth Work etc.) can be tremendous. As others have often said, "Life in these Modern Times is fraught with danger and stress".

Our health and vitality are dependent upon a balanced relationship between ourselves and the Universal Matrix in which we exist. When the chakras are out of balance, chi vitality lessens and our ability to reason and act with a calm mind is lessened. Spiritual Emergency Training will facilitate your efforts to rebalance your self.

Resurrect your life to be full of joy, integrity, honesty, and security, a life that reflects the highest principles of self-realization and a spiritual life full of light and love. You can learn to create a

fun, magical life through your Soul Guides, who really want you to be happy, healthy, and

successful. They are your true loving, wise messengers from God. They love you just the way

you are. Acceptance of self is the answer. Recognize and eliminate your fears by practicing these Spiritual Healing Techniques.

This process is a unique form of prayer and meditation that gives us a direct, spiritual answer to specific emotional or physical problems. This method is important because there are no harmful side effects.

Learning how to use this program gives us knowledge derived through deep intuition that is innate psychic awareness. By teaching this program, you will help others find their Soul purpose and psychic powers to resurrect their lives and help them attract healthier spiritual relationships.


6. Alternative Healing Centers and New Age Centers

Medical and spiritual hypnotherapy is an ancient trance healing art, and most likely will continue to be part of the healing arts of the future. Many physicians and psychologists use medical hypnosis in their practice to treat various conditions such as: pain management, Hypno-anesthesia and preparation for surgery, anxiety, depressions, phobias, dental disorders, cancer, dermatological disorders, burns, psychosomatic conditions, autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, ophthalmologic conditions, sleep

disorders, allergies, autism, urinary retention, hypochondrias, tinnitus, alleviating hiccups, labor and delivery, gynecology problems, miscarriage, all psychiatric disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual dysfunction, relationship problems, eating disorders, smoking, any addictions, habit disorders, academic performance, aesthetic refinement and athletic performance.

Medical hypnotherapy is a profound healing method that helps us heal specific emotional and physical problems as they arise. Spiritual hypnotherapy creates a stronger Spirit/Soul Matrix. When we keep the connections to this matrix open our life force is stronger and our physical/mental selves are less likely to develop illness. The benefits of spiritual healing enable us to maintain better health.

My spiritual healing and recovery work uses love-and-light healing energy, spirit guides and sound therapies. My CDs add another dimension to the healing process by using healing Mbira music that is thousand years old sound therapy. The music was used by shamans from Southwest Africa to help them channel messages from the other side. The Stanford Research Institute is studying the healing effects of sound and light therapies; how certain music can change our thoughts, feelings, and visions faster then most drugs are able to.

Healing therapy with light (Spectrum Light Therapy) has been scientifically studied and use since the time of the Great Pharaohs of Egypt.

Visionary Laser surgeries can also be manifested in spiritual hypnotherapy healing sessions, we do have access to the light energy from an omnipotent love and light energy source connected to our soul. On all my healing and recovery CDs I use a combination of sound, medical hypnosis, inner light therapy, and inner guidance therapy.

When you want to help clients heal a cellular problem, stop at Step 3 and guide them to invoke the light into the damaged area's cells. Allow them to use the color of their choice. Then, for fifteen minutes at least twice a day for two weeks they need to stay focused on using love-and-light energy healing throughout the body, especially the wounded or damaged areas. This is like a drug therapy program or physical rehabilitation, but they are using their Divine Spirit/Soul Matrix (God part) love and light energies to help themselves focus and heal. This therapy is a metaphysical scientific healing practice certain religious monks are familiar with. Take time out to go into sacred space and create a healing temple to use for visualizing the intra-cellular light work that heals.

Often clients will need your help completing Steps 1-3 before they attempt the deep emotional healing work of Steps 4-5—when they meet with their deceased relatives or pets and their angels or master teachers. Or, they may need to do Steps 1-3 and a physical healing first to build their faith before they can open to the Spirit/Soul Guide realm. Practicing Steps 1-5 is how your clients will learn to astral travel and use all their psychic abilities.


7. Hospice

The Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook can be very useful in hospice settings. Soul Guides will come to those who are near death and tell them how to resolve any lingering concerns within themselves or with others they've had relationships with. We all have psychic attachments to others. To heal unresolved conflicts and get life lessons revealed to you by spirit guides will help all parties involved with the person in transition. The spirit guides will facilitate perfect conflict resolution ideas that will bring each family, friend or acquaintance peace of mind concerning the person dying.

Without doing this Spiritual process, many life lessons are lost. The grieving, misunderstandings or negative behavior patterns tend to continue which can turn into anger, revenge, resentments, or more individual suffering.


8. The Homeless

Most homeless people have lost the ability to connect with their divinity. They desperately need to restore their dignity and self-love. SET will enable the homeless and destitute to go within and know the spiritual purpose of their present lives. When they enter their sacred space and realize their magnificence, they will "see the light". The answers to their salvation will be given, if they seek them. They will receive visions and be inspired to manifest their birthrights. They will begin new activities that will bring rewarding friendships and enjoyable work. They will learn that they are never alone, that all answers lie within. When they learn to consult their "inner sanctum" and access the divine wisdom of the realms of Love and Light Consciousness, their lives will improve.

Loss of self-esteem is a primary issue with "the homeless". Practicing SET's techniques will create an awareness of the powers we all possess and restore the practitioner's sense of pride. We are all children of God and need only be given proof of our divinity to regain our joy and appreciation of the lives we have.


9. Stress and Anxiety Clinics

No human can breathe calmly and deeply and be anxious at the same time. It is scientifically and physiologically impossible. When your clients learn SET they will know how to relax, using ancient deep breathing techniques. They will learn to let go of stressful situations and get immediate, helpful answers to their problems.

After your clients practice and learn the process, they can help others also. Practicing this process teaches your clients how to know and follow God's will, and how to free themselves from their egos' grip. Their Soul Guides, who are attached to breath, will help them to relax, find peace, and be more loving, joyful, and compassionate. My friends and I practice with one another whenever we are fearful, anxious, or stressed, knowing it is time to breathe deeply and go within.

For more direct help with stress and anxiety, use my CD‘s "How to Pray, Breathe and Hear God or my Healing and Recovery CD for Depression and Anxieties.


10. Clinics for Depression

Depression is defined as a state of unhappiness and hopelessness. As a psychiatric disorder, the symptoms are persistent feelings of hopelessness, dejection, poor concentration, lack of energy, inability to sleep, and, sometimes, suicidal tendencies. Again; the great news is, there is a spiritual answer to every problem and all the answers lie within the Divine Spirit/Soul Matrix. There are no antidepressant drugs (there are no drugs) that can create a spiritual healing. Your client's Soul Guides will always help with any problem, even bringing joy guides to your clients whenever they feel blue. The guides are not from the limited ego mind but from the Soul. They are from the same love-and-light level of wisdom as are the master teachers.

All can now learn how to use this Soul Activation Process to ask the Powers of the Universe for help in seeking and finding new ways to enhance our happiness from within, and receive new thoughts and visions that will eliminate the feelings of depression.


11. All Schools (including Native American Reservations)

The Soul Activation Process is such an important prayer and meditation technique to teach all children. When they learn how to use this spiritual self-hypnosis and call on their guides within instead of reacting to situations from the ego mind, all of life will benefit from these actions.

This process, this soul cell phone, can be used anytime and anywhere, but sometimes the reception is better in different places. Children will instinctively move themselves away from certain people and areas of energy to refocus their visions and thoughts. The advantages of using my techniques rather than using a drug or a drink will be evident to them. Tell them if ever they feel lost, lonely, sad, angry, violent, fearful, anxious, or depressed, they will always find an answer within their natural divine spirit/soul center that will remove those feelings faster and better than drugs or alcohol. Show them how to use their inner vision, to guide them to joy, hope, and new inspirational knowledge for healing emotional or physical problems through direct, ancient, wise counsel.

Teach the youth that whenever they want drugs or alcohol it is just a sign, it is time for them to astral travel, time travel, and go within and use their psychic powers, and connect to their Spirit Guides for more inspiration and creativity that brings a divine altered state of awareness. All things are possible with God! We all have a divine soul we must connect with to remember our divine gift, focus on it, and help it grow.

The youth can learn how to use their psychic powers from love and light to help others find their inner answers, too. They will understand that their very best friend is their Soul Guide, who is waiting to help them anywhere, anytime. They are never alone.



Spiritual center leaders and church leaders know we are all interconnected. We are all brothers and sisters and should teach oneness, unity, nonviolence, compassion, and reverence. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The Golden Rule is fundamental to every religion. How far away have we humans moved from love-and-light centered actions? Where are our loving thoughts and actions? It's time we get back to teaching self care and love-and-light work, which are about positive visions and actions. Whatever we focus on grows, and we are growing fear, anger, revenge, more wars, and more drug wars. Spiritual leaders should all be ashamed for "looking the other way" while our youth spiral down into despair, violence and suicide.

The prayer I am to share with all spiritual centers is simple: Pray together: Please God and all the holy spirits help (list your enemies) see the light! This prayer is so simple, and the more we pray when two or more are gathered the faster the light beings, angels, Soul Guides, and masters will be able to help those in need to see the light. To see the light is always transforming. A person may need to have a near death experience (NDE) or they may have to die to actually see the light. God knows what they need. But God will not over-ride our free will. God needs our focused intentions and prayers to help people heal their lives. We all have more spiritual healing work to do.

Using my Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook at spiritual gatherings will teach us how to have direct conversations with our inner guides. We will help others see and talk to their deceased relatives, their angels and spirit guides, to get the help they desire. All answers for healing emotional or physical problems lie within. My SAP enables people take time out and go within to find their unique spiritual answers to heal their lives.

When we are upset, it helps to have someone else take us into sacred space. The process is like a brain massage: it is hard to give yourself a good massage, and it is difficult to use the techniques unaided. When someone is experiencing a challenging situation it can be very difficult to relax the Ego Mind in order to hear your soul guides. This Soul Activation Process teaches you a new way to have a truly spiritual experience when two or more gather.

You will find that most Religions believe in spirit guides (Native Americans), Soul Guides (Tibetan monks), inner guides (Buddhists), guardian angels (Christians), Muslims also believe in Angels because Muhammad was visited by Archangel Gabriel the same Archangel that spoke to Mother Mary about her baby Jesus. The Jews talk about archangels and angel of the lord, Bahia's agree to the tenets of all the major religious groups that have songs and stories about angel messengers from God.

Others call it a deep intuition, gut feelings, inner guidance, and psychic feelings.

The light workers who have incarnated on Earth are here to help evolve and unite all human beings into one spiritual family. We can bring heaven to Earth by teaching all spiritual centers how to access and use each person's Spirit/Soul Power Matrix. We must all become able to help one another take time out to go within and get new visions and thoughts to manifest our Divine Birth Rights.

Spiritual Emergency Training (SET) the Soul Activation Process from the channeled; Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook



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