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Angel Encounters in Africa

I went to Africa in the Spring of 2004 and had the pleasure to meet with a Mosque 'Professor", a famous touring 'Swami' from India, naturopaths, guidance counselors and several Christian children. My trip convinced me more than intellectually that we are all the same; no matter what age, race, culture or religious background. We all have eternal souls with soul guides waiting to help us change our ego thoughts to spiritual thoughts. If we can all learn how to call on our spiritual guardians we can change the planet. From centuries of ego madness full of darkness, wars, violence, revenge, abuse, and sickness we can go on to healthier, happier lives as children of God. All of us can connect with the divine "internet" system we have forgotten how to use. Our soul power is connected to our holy breath and is waiting for each of us to activate and use our psychic powers-our deep intuition--which is our own soul DNA!

The Mosque

We arrived late at 4:50 AM.-they had started the chanting at 3:00 AM. I went with my scarf piece put in place. One of my companions introduced me as a Holy Spirit Medium to a female elder who then took me to the front of the Mosque to introduce me to the priest, whom they called 'Professor'.

The Professor spoke very little English but invited me into the men's section so I could demonstrate my soul connection work. With the men seated around me, an elder came forward to have a session with his own "soul guides". The Muslims call their angels soul guides.

I invoked the light of God around him and his guides came but he was not able to really let go and hear them because of all the intense talking and questioning from the group around us and the translating between languages that was going on.

I heard my angels say: "invite one of the children up", so I asked the Professor to allow me to work with one of the younger boys who knew more English. They called on a teenage boy to come forward. So I took him into the light, and his soul guides came to tell him he was to be a spiritual warrior. Then one of the elders said,"yes, we know you are to go into the Army and fight for Muslim traditions". But the boy answered,"no--I am to bring spiritual oneness and peace while I am alive, not kill anyone. I am not to join the Army."

This is an example of how important it is that each one of us allow our own soul guides (angels) to talk to us directly. Holy spirit guides are from the light of God within us. We all have a soul purpose and a direct link to our holy spirits. We are not here to hurt ourselves or others.

Terminal (Hospice) Care

I visited a hospice facility with a naturopath who had several new herbal treatments to deliver. Having been around so many medications, herbals and pharmaceutical remedies during my nursing career, I had come to realize the importance of trance work. I took the opportunity to tell the head doctor at the clinic about medical hypnosis. He was receptive to what I was saying but was still too programmed to look for something external (drugs or herbs) to assist a suffering and/or dying patient. While my friend was selling him his new herbal treatments, I went outside and met a patient in the terminal stages of cancer. When I asked if he wanted to do some spiritual healing work, he answered, "I've tried everything else." This was the invite for me and his holy spirits to come and help him. He went into the light, found his sacred, safe place, and an angel named Ezacar arrived. Ezacar was a male light being who told him why he was sick and also told him he could heal or die. This was his choice. He wanted to live so Ezacar informed him what he could do to heal his body and his life. He brought the light of God into his diseased blood and tissues for new healing and energy; he sent light into his cancerous tumor and felt it was going away.

When we open to God's light energy miracles happen for us-physically and emotionally. Many authors have written that it is our thoughts of hopelessness which allow cancers to grow in our human bodies.

Another patient wanted to leave this life and her body, and her angels came to show her the way to the other side, but told her specific things to do before she died. These were activities, and projects to help her children and herself move on. Her angel helped her realize that it was okay to go and brought a deceased loved one to help relieve her fears. It was her time to go and she completed the necessary tasks before she left. The whole family was happier knowing she was with an angel and a deceased relative.

My angels instructed me to teach all the hospice workers how to assist others to "Go Within the Light". It is important that everyone understands that love never dies and that there is life after death. If only everyone would talk to their angels about the "other side"-it would make it so much easier to forgive, let go and transcend the suffering for oneself and those one leaves behind. Those passing would have a much deeper understanding of their own life and existence. All the important life messages would be revealed . The loss and grief would ease dramatically for those left behind. Passing would be easier knowing your angels were omnipresent and would be with you as you left the body. The fear of death would be no more.

Children's Holy Spirits

The first African child I worked with was "heavy" in body and spirit. She was lost and very sad. I told her about my work with angels and she said to show her. I took her into the light and Jesus came to her. Jesus told her how to heal her problems at home and at school. He also told her many tales for inspiration. She looked so different after her session.

I saw a whole new person the next morning. Her confidence and smiles were beaming. I asked her is she had tried to talk to Jesus again and she answered that she had been able to talk to Him last night. She gave me a huge hug and thanked me, saying, " Jesus will come to help me anytime I ask him. He always has answers for me that no one else seems to have. He understands me like no one else can. I know I am never alone. I always have him to talk to and now I can see Him and hear His answers. He is always right and I can trust His advice. I am so happy!"

The next child that came to me was a neighbor friend; she said to me, "I heard you can help people talk to their angels." I told her my gift was to help people make "soul connections" by getting them to connect directly with their own soul guides. She said, " I want that." So I told her to sit down and close her eyes and she sat down and cupped her eyes, but had her eyes wide open when she said, " my angel is here. I can see her now." Her angel told her she was to be a comedian; she was to help the world heal through laughter. I asked her if this felt "right" to her and she got up and did one of the funniest routines I have ever seen anyone do. She will be bigger than Eddie Murphy one day. It was truly amazing and I laughed harder than I had for many years watching her little performance. Her mother is a school teacher and her father a banker. Later, her mother came over and asked me how to do this "angel connection", saying that her daughter kept telling her what her angel had told her and how awesome it was. We talked of someday helping all the kids at school talk to their angels or soul guides. Another child called her father and said, "I'm dying". Africans do not "hustle" like Americans- they do not react quickly to situations. They have so much daily strife it seems like they have a built-in tolerance and patience that most Americans do not have. They have a rectitude of quiet listening while we have a reactive, "quick-fix" approach to most of our life problems. They seem to understand there is more to life than meets the naked eye. Anyway, when this daughter called her father, I happened to be there with my naturopath friend who said he would go and help her. I was told to stay in the car, that I wasn't needed. As I love to work with kids, I went anyway.

When we got to her, she said her head was "breaking apart". My naturopath friend tried to help her head, but I could see he was causing more tension for her. He felt her pulse, looked for signs of fever and recommended some herbal treatments for the father to go and get. My angels told me she was starting her period very young, was scared, and she needed time with a woman. I helped her get over her headache with some Shiatsu and loving massage touch techniques, then took her aside and told her about her angels. She relaxed, ready to let go and talk to them. She saw her angels and heard that she was to become a spiritual medium for herself, and others. She healed from her own maladies and became a "seeing and hearing" medium instantly. Later, she brought others to see me, along with her own divorced, single father. She now sees others' angels and dead relatives and can tell you about their important healing messages, just like Doreen Virtue PhD.

I Have So Many True Angel Stories to Tell You!

Angel therapy is so much more than any medical treatment. Angels do know all and can help us all remember our eternal soul power from God . All races and religions can now unite through making new choices born of angelic guidance and not from old ego-driven choices! All of us humans on this little planet are children of the same God-energy of love and light but we all must remember to help each other to ask for help and "go within" for guidance-and not just rely on our reactive, fearful, revengeful, hurtful, wounded ego minds. We all have direct access to God through our holy breath and soul guides or angels and we must learn to heed God's will and not the will of our sick egos!

Please, learn to call on them for more information. We all need to become mediums. All answers are within and all answers are about more love for yourself and others. To have self-love is to know why you incarnated. When you understand which piece of the divine puzzle you came to share, your life will come into harmony and balance and MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN. We need to find self-love first so we can find our soul paths and only when you are on your soul path can you find your soul mate. Everyone wants true love.

Your angels can take you backwards and forwards in time, help you heal from any physical or emotional wound, help you find a better way and make better choices. They will make you comprehend the child of God you really are!!!


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