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Consultations to see if you want a Soul Activation Process -(Love and Light healing and recovery- discovery method) ...........

Isn't it your turn to find self love & empowerment TO HEAL and learn this new way to cope from inside out?

* Learn Your own unique spiritual information on how to Heal and Recover your Emotional or Physical body
* Learn How to use your own law of attraction from higher Soul energies
* Learn How to manifest your dreams or just interpret your dreams from a spiritual dimension—letting go of the limited, fearful, reactive, or sick ego mind.
* Learn your personal Chakra reading for that day and yr. and what you can do to remove your blocks and enlighten your life ---

The Soul Activation Process can be done via phone (you pick the time that you can relax, be alone and really let go of your "old stuff") or you can come in and have direct contact with one of our Soul Activation Trainers…

Cost:  A donation to help establish our new Soul Energies Research & Developement Center.

In a Healing Session:

The 5 step Soul Activation Process will help guide you through a current life history chart with a chakra chart,

Breath work,

Love and Light energetic healing work,

Chakra openings with intentional (prayer & light focused) energetic healing from the Soul Activation practitioner that activates the client's inner light & Soul guidance that also creates a unique way to experience a fast & effective vision quest,

Sacred space work to learn and find the spiritual answers to your life challenges... learning a new way to cope with negative emotions, how to change your thoughts and refocus using inner divine guidance,

find your Soul Purpose and your gifts that give your life new passion and creativity,.... this Process WILL HELP YOU HEAL your EMOTIONAL or PHYSICAL problems from inside out

If you want a more metaphysical experience and knowledge .....

You can also…… learn how to orb travel, past life travel, future time travel, go to other planets & access any altered state for free ----with no harmful side effects

And YOU CAN HAVE FUN ---Increasing your psychic powers and contact ancient ancestors (& pets), spirit guides, and angels directly.

Why not try this fabulous new healing method – for self realization and empowerment that has no harmful side effects?

Your donations will help establish our new Soul Energies Research & Developement Center.



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