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Books & DVDs


Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook with DVD

     This handbook explains 5 easy steps to Learn how to activate your soul ---"Take Time Out to Go Within" to find all your answers from your eternal wise soul connections. Learn how to use all your psychic (soul) powers to astral travel to past lives or future lives, other planets and talk directly to your own Spirit Guides, deceased relatives, and master teachers.

     Learn how this 5 step program can be used for healing the cause of domestic violence, healing the cause of jails or wars, helping people in hospice (patients, staff and families), heal the cause of addictions, abuses, depressions, anxieties and fears.

     You can order the Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook with or without the DVD.

SPIRITUAL 911 HEALING HANDBOOK WITHOUT DVD $19.95 (includes shipping)



SPIRITUAL 911 HEALING HANDBOOK WITH DVD $24.95 (includes shipping)


Books for Sale -- Paperback or e-Book


Dreams, Past Lives, Holy Spirits, Your Soul

Description: The importance of dreams and how to interpret them. Past lives are real. Holy Spirits are always with you and are guides from the angelic realm. Learn how to use your soul-or psychic-power to expand your awareness of your true life purpose and gifts.

Price: Paperback $8.95 ... to order, click here...


Angels Know All

Description: Angels are holy spirits and are part of one's eternal soul energy and they can help us unite all religions and races. This wonderful book stresses the importance of uniting each and every human being with his or her own divine angels. We can make our world a better place but we have to start with ourselves, with a little help from our angels.




Paperback Available here...

Guided Meditation CD's for Sale
*NOTE:  All CDs have double healing power using guided imagery along with Healing Mbira music.
This music is 1,000 years old.  This healing sound vibration was created for shaman to get in touch with ancient
ancestors (soul guides) for healing information from the "other side".
A percentage of each sale goes to the Mbira musicians to continue teaching the 1,000 year old music.


Addiction Recovery: A Guided Meditation

Description: Recover from any type of addiction. All addictions have similar underlying causes. Do you feel fearful, angry, lonely, lost and/or sad? Your feelings are there for a reason. Your addictions are there for a reason. Learn how to use your intuition and higher consciousness to change your behavior(s).

Price: $21.25 includes shipping


Healing from Cancer & Auto-Immune Disease: A Guided Meditation

Description: Lynn teaches five easy steps how to do spiritual 911 training for yourself and others. Learn how to Take Time Out To Go Within and hear your own inner voice which is from angels/ god/ spirit guides or deep intuition.  YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, but angels  (spirit guides) can not override free will.  Learn how to ask and receive your own angel's guidance

Price: $21.25 includes shipping


Healing Depression & Anxiety: A Guided Meditation

Description: What you concentrate on grows. Learn how to let go of dark feelings and let your inner teachers guide you towards self-love and more positive choices.

Price: $21.25 includes shipping
How To Pray

How to Pray, Breathe & Hear God: A Guided Meditation

Description: You are never alone. Learn how to access divine guidance on a daily basis. Get off your destructive ego path and walk your soul path.

Price: $21.25 includes shipping


Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery: A Guided Meditation

Description: Stop the cycle of shame and guilt and learn how to overcome past trauma(s). Replace old patterns of powerlessness by reconnecting with your eternal soul power.

Price: $21.25 includes shipping


Healing from Low Self-Esteem & Chronic Pain: A Guided Meditation

Description: What you focus on grows. Learn how to overcome chronic mental and/or physical anguish and bring confidence, love, joy and passion into your life.

Price: $21.25 includes shipping

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