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Soul Energies Research and Development LLC Center

Metaphysical/Spiritual Prevention & Intervention Health and Human Services
& Inner Peace Jobs & New Age Social Healer Jobs


1.Will help prove that all human beings have a living (SOUL - love and light energies) matrix attached to their breath and chakra system - A SOUL of Love and Light energies.

2.Will prove the importance of breath work and the human chakra system.

3.Will research the third eye of the chakra system with psychic empowerment.

4.Will research, develop, and chart this profound direct experience of relaxation, altered states, love and light soul healing energies at the cellular level - to the muscular, vascular,  lymphatic, digestive, skeletal, nervous, skin, reproductive, emotional and physical levels.

5. Will chart the effects of healing emotional problems from direct contact with Love and Light energies, Holy Spirits, Guardian Angels, deceased relatives (& pets).  

6. Will keep charts on the spiritual answers found during a Soul Activation Process (SAP).

7. Will chart effects of a SAP for healing emotional and physical problems from direct soul matrix contacts.

8. Will help prove you can astral travel, time travel to past lives, future times, and other planets.

9. Will help explore how the SAP can find true divine inner guidance that connects to the theory that all the answers are within each person.

10. Will help explore the power of beliefs and thoughts in connection to stress and mental problems.

11. Discover the Soul purpose of each human being and use LOA frequencies that help individual’s find love and support for their Soul purpose.

12.Will chart and prove the necessity for developing new JOBS for Soul Activation Practitioners to help people cope with problems and crisis, via direct contact with Soul source energies in person or long distance that will have no harmful side effects.

13. Will prove and chart the effects of a Soul Activation Process that provides direct Soul source contact for healing and resurrecting new lives for those with addictions, PTSD, TBI, depression, anxiety, ADD, anger problems, relationship problems, and low esteem, with no harmful side effects.


To offer The Soul Activation Process online or in person for individuals and groups. To help create new SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY HEALER JOBS for Social service groups dealing with mental health issues; IE, violence, abuse, addictions, ADD, PTSD, suicide, depression, anxiety, and TBI as a new Healing method that can also be taught, packaged and used to create inner peace jobs for New Earth Spiritual Emergency Healer's Health and Human Services jobs that have no harmful side effects and will help unite, enlighten and save this planet. .

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