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"Your work saved my life." ~ Adam.

"I recovered from cancer." ~ Sue

"I found my life purpose and new hope and inspiration in one session".
~ Evon  

" Your Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook will help stop wars on our planet and it is part of your sacred contract." ~ Sylvia

"Lynn helped me get through my 'sick' relationship and move on." ~ Martha

"I found answers to the life challenge I was going through. This was perfect advice that only my angels came up with." ~ Peter

"I am free from the Post-Traumatic Stress from war--finally. I am able to live in the now for a better tomorrow." ~ Bill

"I recovered from years of depression and anxieties that put me into the hospital several times. I finally know how to change my own mood through using my angels, not drugs." ~ Angie

"I was healed from a blood disorder in one session". ~ Maria

"I was healed from my anorexia and bulemia in three sessions". ~ Melody

"I was healed of malaria in one session". ~ Kate

"I am now able to let go of my problems and let my angels guide me to more healthy activities for me". ~ Larry

"I was healed from addictions so strong that I went to the hospital and jail before I found my true inner soul power. We do have our own inner pharmacy that will cure you like no outside drug can." ~ Paul

"My nightmares from war are finally over." ~ Rick

" I finally got free from all the Post-Traumatic Stress from years of being abused." ~ Annie

I have 27 years in the field of the healing arts and would love to see my healing and recovery techniques used in psychiatric facilities, jails, domestic violence shelters (2 places are already using them with great results), AIDS clinics, cancer clinics, veterans hospitals, chronic pain facilities, hospices, and all other addiction and recovery facilities.  Wounded souls can get their power back to help stop all the darkness on the planet.  Inner peace brings new thoughts and choices that can make our planet whole.

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