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Soul Energies Research and Development, LLC.

We offer the Soul Activation Process on line or in person for individuals and all Human Service groups dealing with Mental Health Care issues: addictions, violence, abuse, suicide, PTSD, depression, and anxiety as a new AGE Tool/healing method that can be packaged and used to create new inner peace jobs for world healing and peace Jobs that have no harmful side effects and will help unite and enlighten this planet. 

Phone: 541-751-0605         

To participate in Lynn Mystic Healer's internet radio show tune in to Spiritual Emergency Training on BBS Radio Saturdays, July 6, 20; August 3, 17, 31; September 14, 28; October 12, 26; November 9, 23; December 7 & 21,
from 12-1pm on Station One

We encourage you to call in to the live broadcast!
BBS international toll free #:  1-888-627-6008

There is a spiritual answer to every human being's emotional problems. All answers are within your living Soul matrix.
Friday July 17, 2014, 7-9PM, $25 lecture and demo
Must register online at Hood River community Education
Hood River Community Education Building

Learn the 5 step Soul Activation Process from Lynn's 3rd book: Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook to heal your emotional dis-eases (and alleviate anger, violence, drugging, addictions, PTSD, bi-polar, depression, anxiety and other moderate to severe psychiatric disorders from direct contact with your living Soul matrix).
1. Breathwork
2. Relaxation
3. Chakra opening
4. Love and light energy medicine (with laying on of hands)
5. Sacred space work
6. Astral traveling in orbs to past lives, future times & other planets
7. Direct soul source contact with the Light of God/ creator and Holy Spirit realm & ancient ancestors. All sessions can be done for individuals or groups in person or long distance... 

Available Workshops

Call for Individual or Group Sessions

Angelic Guidance
Learn how to "go within" and connect with your own angels, deceased loved ones and pets to receive guidance on how to heal any emotional or physical problem. Travel backwards and forwards in time. Find out why you incarnated in this lifetime and what your soul gifts are. Let go and let your angels guide you!

Natural Healing & Recovery
Learn how to use breathwork and deep visualization to help you heal any emotional or physical problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer, sexual dysfunction, autism, low esteem, TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome, multiple personalities, ADD, blood disorders, and others.

Past Lives
Find out what kinds of scientific and medical documents verify the technique of healing phobias using past life regression. All religions say the soul is eternal. We all have a soul that is connected to our breath. Experience several of your own past lives and the lessons you were meant to learn from them.

What are your dreams trying to tell you? Are you trying to use your analytical mind to interpret them? Find out how to use spiritual signs and symbols and how to do spiritual dream journaling. Learn how important recurring dreams are. Nightmares are never meant to scare you, they are actually trying to show you something you are not getting from your waking consciousness. Learn how to induce your own lucid dreams.

Vision Quest
If you are experiencing a personal or professional crisis and don't know where to turn for guidance, come learn the necessary metaphysical tools to help you open to a new direction which is unique and perfect for you.


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